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Rain Rain Go Away!

I am so fed up with rain at the moment there is just no let up. My dear friend Bush Bernie over in her lovely MyDry Tropics Garden is longing for rain if only I could package it up and send it.
However I have been busying myself in the greenhouse The first job was to give it a really good clean out so everything came out we had a dry morning last Monday so I took the opportunity by mid day I had emptied everything onto the lawn and washed down the inside with disinfectant then repaired a cracked pain of glass a mouse had been getting in through a small gap his little game is over I blocked it up!. Next job was to wash the bench down and get it back in place at which point the rain came down. Two bags of rubbish later everything was back in and looking neat and tidy.

Now the planting got under way

110 Geranium Fire Queen

110 Geranium Fire Queen

110 Red Geranium Fire Queen I am going to plant them in terracotta pots and stand them against the cream wall of the house I have decided if I can’t visit the Mediterranean this summer the Mediterranean is coming to me ! Outside my kitchen window I have a small covered area which usually has a couple of hanging baskets or pots of summer bedding. This is where the geraniums are going.

I planted 3 Hostas it was a pack of 2 but had 3 what a bonus! Also 3 phlox both were described as mixed I also received in the post a pack of 50 mixed Hosta seeds should be interesting!

2013-03-17 15.08.34

The Dahlias I bought the other week have also been planted.
2x Show and Tell
1x Friquolet
1x Color Spectacle
2x Lady Darlene
1x Akita
1x Bora Bora

2013-03-07 16.11.43

The Delphiniums I grew from seed last year have been potted on they are looking very strong and healthy.

2013-03-17 15.10.09

I also have potted on the lavender cuttings I took last year. This week I want to plant sweet pea Cuthbertson Mix, cosmos Polidor Mix, hollyhock Halo Mixed. and scabious Tall Double Mixed So all in all I have plenty to keep me busy until this rain passes then its out to the veg plot where I have so much work to do. The Shallots I planted a couple of weeks ago are looking good and the Elephant Garlic has started to shoot so I will soon be able to plant them out along with early peas and parsnips.

Last summer we replaced the back fence and this summer we are going to replace the fence along the long border as it is almost falling down. This means we will have to hold back on planting much in the border until this job is done we moved the big Acer last weekend and cut the Hydrangea Petiolaris back I will have to sacrifice this poor old plant. My neighbour is getting all the benefit from it as it had grown up over the top of the fence and she had a lovely display of white flowers I got green leaves and brown stem. Not so good! There is also a large Magnolia tree in the way it’s future is under debate at the moment… watch this space! The garden itself is looking quite sad at the moment it still has its winter overcoat on. Although signs of spring are just beginning to emerge. Spring is not far away ….I hope although much more of this rain and I may need a canoe to get to the greenhouse on the up side I have nice full water butts.
Happy Gardening!

A few photos from around the garden.

2013-03-17 15.06.09

Wild Primrose Primula vulgaris 

2013-03-17 15.05.10

Euphorbia Ascot Rainbow and lots of wet soil!

2013-03-17 15.05.33

Forsythia intermedia Spectabilis

2013-03-17 15.07.48


Camera Uploads1

Camera Uploads2

I am Joining Mary or Mosaic Monday at The Dear Little Red House


7 thoughts on “Rain Rain Go Away!

  1. Wow, the these are going to fabulous additions to the garden. I would love a greenhouse. Hope you get some gardening done outside this week:)

    • I spend many hours in my greenhouse I am planning on having a small potting shed behind the greenhouse to free up more space for growing. Looks like more rain and snow this week:/

    • Thank you for your kind comments. I spend a lot of time in the greenhouse just pottering. I am going to put a potting shed behind the greenhouse so I can have more growing space in the greenhouse. More rain and snow forecast for this week :/

  2. Your garden sounds lovely. And the greenhouse is a wonderful addition to your yard, the plants must be very happy there. I wish I could grow more but the groundhogs eat everything in sight. I do grow some tomato plants and flowers to attract the hummingbirds in pots on my deck. Great post, thanks for sharing!

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