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To Veg Or Not to Veg

What to do what to do….. That is the question. Following the poor summer we had (it didn’t happen) and the monumental veg cop failure I had last year, which I put down to the bad weather and lack of time to tend it. I am wondering what to do this coming year. Do I plant more vegetables or give up as a lost cause. That’s my dilemma
I have several options open to me
1. Do I keep the veg plot in the garden the same and just fertilize well cross my fingers and hope the summer is better and we have no disasters that stop me from tending it.( although the latter is out of my control)
2. Extend the veg plot into the flower beds and plant veg among the flowers (very appealing idea)
3. Dig up half the lawn and make a new veg plot. (Lots of large tree roots to be removed under the lawn but doable).
4. Put my name down for an allotment. (An idea I love but Mr. B is not so keen we’re not getting any younger).

5. Give up growing veg and grow flowers instead.

So… What’s your advice? What would you do?
Last year I used chicken manure on the veg garden. What do you use? Has anyone tried seaweed?
My garden is not huge by any means just a regular small town garden. Lawn Veg garden flower beds patio but it’s my heaven. Ah… so you want to see what it looks like well you have seen the veg garden just look up to the top of the page that’s it scroll up can you see the pigeon sitting in the middle of the beans.


Looking at the garden from the patio


Part of the long border


The Veg plot is made up of three raised beds 8feet x 4 feet



garden new

Looking at the veg plot from the long border


9 thoughts on “To Veg Or Not to Veg

  1. You have a lovely, fantastic looking garden. It would be such a shame for you not to continue growing your veg this year and it wouldn’t hurt to put your name on the allotment waiting list either. Your other half may not like the idea of it now, but by the time he comes around to the idea then maybe there will be a plot waiting for you. Growing your own is always the best option so don’t give up! Debb

  2. Last year was just horrible so I was surprised that any of my veg grew! There are so many pretty vegetables that would look great in flower borders (rainbow chard for example) or cutting flowers that can be squeezed into veg plots! I have friends who have taken on an allotment plot and they really enjoy it but you do need the time, energy and motivation (lugging tools in the back of a car etc) to make a success of it. Don’t let me put you off though 🙂

    • Hi PJ~ Thank you for visiting my new blog and for your lovely comment. I am going to go with a mixed border flowers and veg and put my name down for an allotment the list is very long though so I said I would take on a half allotment if one comes up.

  3. My vote would be for keeping the vegie beds going, as it’s such a wonderful thing to be able to grow some of your own food. Maybe you could experiment with a different fertilizer. I’d love to have vegie beds here, but finding a spot for them is very difficult. I rather like the idea of planting some veg in amongst the flowers too.

    • Hi Bernie, My son is going to bring over a couple of bags of well rotted horse poo for the veggie beds. Let’s hope that works as its free and in plentiful supply! I am going to give it another go with the veggies I am going to put the runner beans in the flower bed on obelisks
      With sweet peas mixed in for luck! You could grow some tomatoes and cucumber in pots in the courtyard. My potatoes are going to be grown in grow sacks on the patio.

  4. I came here from Bernie’s blog where you mentioned your geraniums and I just had to see…. Are they geranium geraniums or pelargonium geraniums? I see you’ve made plans for your veggies for another year. Tomatoes in pots worked for me. We have the same Amaryllis, Appleblossom, my favorite because of the fragrance.

  5. Hi Nell Jean.
    Thank you for stopping by. My Geraniums are true Geraniums they are Fire Queen bright red in colour. I am planning to put them in terracotta pots against the ream walls of the house I am looking for a Mediterranean effect.

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